It can be daunting to realize that the only being capable of fulfilling your need for internal peace and joy is…you. Not money, love, sex, drugs, organized religion, political affiliation, food, career, kink or hobby. Just you. So, lets talk and stumble along this path together! Life can be messy, and this journey will be too, but it is within the mess that you find the message. You are in the Universe and the Universe is in you!
All are welcome on this trip no matter who you worship; whether or not you worship; or how you worship. I am an ordained minister with a distinct and readily identifiable distaste for ALL organized religions. Although we will certainly be touching on some spiritual/religious topics – I will keep my sage smoke and holy water away from you, as long as you don’t make me drink the chicken blood. Deal?

The Latest Musings

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day?

Faith and begorrah, it is Saint Patty’s Day! A time for revelry and celebration of all those smiling Irish eyes! But is it really? What exactly is the story behind Saint Patrick’s Day? Well, it is not what you may assume. It didn’t even start in Ireland! History The man we refer to as “Saint…

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Minister Gordon Phillips, II, Ph.D. Metaphysics

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