Symmetrical Privilege?

When you initially meet a new person, I assume you look directly into their soul for your first impression, right? Of course not. We all, as a species, make broad assumptions based on a myriad of glaring and barely perceptible cues when we first meet a new person. Some of those assumptions may be correct, but most are probably dead wrong. Evolution has led us to some strange places, but this may well be the least necessary in today’s world.

It is not sex, age, or race that we use first to start placing labels on strangers. It is symmetry. The beauty of a face comes down to symmetry and ratios of distances. Beauty is quite literally a math problem, solvable using The Golden Ratio (or the Fibonacci Sequence). So, in many cases, how you are treated in our society is determined by the symmetry of your facial and body proportions – hence what I call Symmetrical Privilege. Fair? No. Shallow? Yes. But please remember, for all of our advancements, we are animals. We have animal brains and animal instincts. However, we do harbor the ability to overcome those instincts. But how?

Well, first we need to realize that we are souls wrapped in meat, not meat with a soul. The difference is that our sentience is not constrained to our body. From astral projection, to out of body experiences, to near death experiences, there are many examples of our sentience being free of its meat suit. If our soul is the true essence and sentient center of the person why does it matter whether the angles of the triangle formed by our facial features are 60°? What we consider traditional beauty seems very arbitrary when held up against the mind-blowing possibilities of an eternal soul.

An eternal soul. The part of you looking out of your meat suit right now and reading these words. The “you” that no cosmetic surgeon can alter. The good and the bad that make us all individuals. The “you” of which there has never, and never will be, another. That is the true seat of beauty in a human being. That is how we are separated from our animal predecessors. We are more than what we see. Actually, we are what we can’t see! The breaking news here is that, with practice and a change in our thought process, we can learn to pick up on the soul signals from others just as automatically as we pick up on pheromones. When we reserve our snap judgments, when we hold our lizard brains in check and allow our soul to meet the soul in front of us, then we have made a true stride.

Got a face built for radio? On that new “see food” diet? So what! Change it if you want. Decorate your meat suit however you want. But do not get sucked into the belief that you are defined by it. You are so much more. It is your soul, your sentience, that vibrating indestructible energy that makes you beautiful. True joy begins with taking the time to meet yourself; shaking hands and preparing for the hard work ahead of learning about “you”. You may just find that beauty has nothing at all to do with meat suit symmetry.


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