The Akashic Record

On a list of huge topics to cover in one blog post, how about an entirely separate plain of existence! Lets cover some basics. I urge you to come at this topic with an open, inquisitive mind.

What is the Akashic Record? The Akashic Record is a plain of existence consisting of all thoughts, feelings, intent, etc. of every creature who ever lived in this or any other parallel universe (past, present and future). Time exists on this alternate plain as more of a flat disk than a line and so there is no discernable difference between past, present or future events. Easy to wrap your mind around? It sure isn’t simple for me! We can think of the Akashic Record as the biggest example of cloud storage possible, linked with the strongest supercomputer ever. It is like a database of everything that has ever been thought, felt, or happened; is being thought, felt or happening; or will be thought, felt, or happen by every single living thing in this universe…plus every other universe. Each creature would have its own infinite number of Akashic Records, given that String Theory and quantum mechanics tells us that there are an infinite number of parallel universes. Now then, some people believe that we can “tap into” the Akashic Record in search of answers. Whew! Talk about a huge download!

Who has access to the Akashic Record?There are faiths and spiritual movements who believe the Akashic Record can be accessed and even filtered for specific information, like a searchable database, by anyone who is able to place their mind on the astral plain. The most famous of the individuals who claimed this ability was Edgar Cayce (1877-1945). Edgar Cayce, an American clairvoyant known as The Sleeping Prophet, is the most documented psychic of the 20th century. Cayce would enter a trance state of deep meditation and access both the subconscious mind of the individual he was reading and that person’s Akashic Record. When not performing a specific individual’s reading, Cayce would access the Akashic Record with only a question or topic as his guide. Throughout his life, Cayce predicted the discovery of the Bimini Road and Atlantis; the deaths of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy; the collapse of the Soviet Union; the 1929 stock market crash and the Great Depression which followed; the rise and fall of Adolph Hitler; a shift in the earth’s magnetic poles in 1998 which would lead to climate change; as well as his own death date from a stroke.

Even Cayce, however, conceded that the future was not written in stone. Choices made by individuals through free will could and did change the path our universe was taking. One seemingly insignificant choice made today could effect the chain of events leading up to and culminating in some world-altering event 300 years from now. Although it was not a term in the time of Cayce, think butterfly effect.

I do not mean to imply that Edgar Cayce’s predictions were always correct. Much like Nostradamus, many of Cayce’s predictions never came to be. But…perhaps that is explainable. Time to have some fun with conjecture and some metaphysics!

Science has rather recently given us a new term in the field of quantum physics: the observer effect. The observer effect means that the mere act of observing will influence the phenomenon being observed. Put simply, by looking at a particle, you change some characteristics of that particle and/or where it would be at a given moment in time. As an example, for scientists to “see” (meaning record the position of) an electron, the electron must interact with a photon (a light particle). However, when an electron interacts with a photon, the interaction changes the direction of travel of the electron. So, by simply observing an electron (hitting it with a photon), scientists are changing the path of that electron, ostensibly altering the future of the electron and eliminating any chance of discovering the past of the electron. Could the observer effect be to blame for some of the inaccuracies in Cayce’s predictions gained through accessing the Akashic Record? Could the act of reading the book and writing a report actually change the outcome of the story?

Further, within the multiverse theory, every decision made by a being through free will causes a split into another universe…another time-line. This is why there are an infinite number of parallel universes existing within each other. As such, could Cayce have been observing the events of an alternate universe when making the predictions which did not come to pass? Or perhaps, the decision to access the Akashic Record with the intent of observing a given situation WAS itself the catalyst for the split into an alternate time-line and thus prevented that prediction from occurring.

Could the Akashic Record explain the phenomenon of “simultaneous invention”? Simultaneous invention is a phenomenon which occurs when two or more individuals discover or invent something new at the same time without knowledge of each other’s work. It happens far too much to be considered simple coincidence. In 1958, Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce both invented to microchip within 6 months of each other; in 1902 Leon Teisserence de Bort of France and Richard Assmann of Germany both discovered the stratosphere 3 days apart using completely different scientific methods; in 1953 the strong plastic material Polycarbonate was discovered 10 days apart by Daniel Fox and Hermann Schnell; and in 1895, the film projector was invented by both the Skladanowsky brothers in Germany and Woodville Latham of the United States. These are but a handful of the occurrences of simultaneous invention. Is it possible that for some reason, these individuals received the same information from the Akashic Record at the same time? Was the timing of the inventions or discoveries important enough to the universe to assure multiple people were working on it at the same time? Were these discoveries or inventions inevitable because the universe deemed them “due”?

When it comes down to it, the topic of the Akashic Record tends to raise more questions than it answers. And perhaps that is exactly as it should be. Are we as a species prepared for the ability to tap into all of the knowledge in the universe? I mean, I know that I can become overwhelmed just trying to figure out how to set the clock on my car radio! But the power, the ability, to know anything and everything is transcendent; god-like. What would you do with that power? What would you want to know? And, as importantly, what would you not want to know?


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