Bodysurfing The Brainwaves

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Stop thinking and get things done. Could becoming more unfocused actually improve your ability to attract what you want and manifest positivity in your life? Recent research, along with thousands of years of shamanistic evidence, says yes!

There are 5 types of waves produced within the brain differentiated by their speed (frequencies): Delta Waves; Theta Waves; Alpha Waves; Beta Waves; and Gamma Waves.

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Delta waves are the slowest. Delta waves are produced during deep, sleepless dreaming when the brain is at its most relaxed. Delta waves are measured between 0.5 and 4.0 Hz.

Theta waves are produced most frequently when we are sleeping lightly in a dream state or when we are extremely relaxed. The ingestion of LSD has also been shown to increase Theta wave production. This correlation was studied extensively by the United States military between the end of World War II and the beginning of the Vietnam War in an attempt to produce “psychic soldiers”. Lets just say that when you mix military and metaphysics, things are bound to go wrong, and they did. Theta waves are measured between 4.0 and 6.0 Hz.

Alpha waves fall directly in the middle of the range of brainwave frequencies. Alpha waves occur most frequently when we are in a calm and relaxed state, not really focused on any particular problem or issue. The Alpha wave is what I refer to as the “Meditation Sweet Spot”. During meditation, a measurable increase in the output of Alpha waves from the posterior portion of the brain is evident through EEG. I believe that this increase in Alpha wave production is indicative of the conscious mind accessing the subconscious, the repository for many of the answers we seek in our lives. Alpha waves are measured between 6.0 and 8.0 Hz.

Beta waves are the day to day waves. They are produced when we are awake and focused, going about our daily tasks and making conscious decisions. Beta waves are measured between 8.0 and 35.0 Hz.

The highest speed waves our brains produce are Gamma waves. Gamma waves are produced when we are extremely focused; learning; processing complex information or solving complex problems. Gamma waves are measured above 35.0 Hz~100.0 Hz.

Alpha Waves Are The Calming Secret!

Alpha waves are the indicators of calm mind. In a beautiful feedback loop, Alpha waves are produced by a calm mind AND cause the mind to calm itself. Just another example of how the Universe and our souls are inextricably linked to each other. Calm produces calm produces calm produces calm…

Increases in Alpha wave production are seen during meditation; unfocused rest and during massage. Not surprisingly, individuals with the ability to enter a state of increased Alpha wave production are also among the most creative. These waves remove the roadblocks we build between the conscious and subconscious and allow for a free-flow of information and data between the two. The interaction between the conscious and subconscious leads to greater inner peace, increased creativity and seemingly miraculous thinking. It has been postulated that it is the Alpha state that has lead to many of mankind’s greatest technological advances, although I believe the Akashic Record crowd may have different opinions on that one. Until, that is, these two theories are able to meet at a point where access to the Akashic Record is granted through the manipulation of Alpha waves within the subconscious. Perhaps someday we will see a coming together of these two factions.

Metaphysical Benefits of Alpha Waves

Beyond the lowering of blood pressure, stress levels and anxiety, Alpha waves also hold promise in the Metaphysical realm as well. Because manifesting positivity, love and light in one’s life is based on access to the subconscious, Alpha waves are the key.

While in an Alpha state, the subconscious is opened and is much more apt to manifest the thoughts; visualizations and feelings of the individual. Therefore, if one is meditating on a specific thought; visualization; or emotion, it is most likely that the desired change in reality will occur once the individual reaches the Alpha state. So, it is Alpha waves that trigger an increased ability to manifest desire into reality!

This is the reason for the commonly misunderstood meditative phrase, “Clear your mind”. It has only been through the relatively recent invention of EEG technology and the identification of Alpha waves, that the more appropriate phrase, “Increase your Alpha wave production” could have possibly arisen. And that doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it! But to the individuals who become frustrated with meditation because they do not know how to stop their continuously running mind, literally RELAX. A watched pot never boils and a forced mind never clears. Just relax and stop worrying about whether you are “doing it right”. Let your mind relax and slip into a state of increased Alpha wave production.

A watched pot never boils and a forced mind never clears.

Debunking Brainwave Training

There are many companies out there who are happy to sell you a load of crap when it comes to brainwave frequency training. If only it was as easy as they claim! These companies will advertise that they will sell you audio tracks that will effortlessly “tune” your brainwaves for specific goals, such as manifesting; battling depression; reducing stress; astral projection; etc. The problem is that these “goals” are all simply side effects possible through increased Alpha wave production. If there was a specific “depression-destroying” frequency, Pfizer would be making tiny transmitters you swallow. It just doesn’t work that way.

Now, I am not saying that listening to frequency-tuned audio tracks is worthless! Those tracks can be very handy in effectuating a meditative state by calming the listener through increased dopamine release. However, focusing on a frequency and mentally searching for that sense of calm is counterproductive. Use the frequency-tuned tracks as a background sensation, in the same way we use incense.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the human brain is an amazing energy producing bio-machine. The Alpha waves which are most prominently produced during the state of rest, calm and meditation are the medium on which rides the sense of peace, balance, manifestation and happiness we all crave. And through meditative and mindful practices, humans have the ability to control the production of these waves. So get out there; relax; and ride those Alpha waves on your journey towards joy!


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