Minister Gordon Phillips, Ph.D.

Gordon Phillips is an ordained non-denominational minister and Ph.D. of Metaphysics living in North-Central Pennsylvania with his wife and two children. His life experiences have taken him from working within the legal system to drug addiction; from thief to criminal prosecutor; from morally bankrupt to guiding others through the darkness and into light. Gordon’s ministerial style focuses on personal responsibility and self-acceptance using mindfulness, introspection and meditation.

“Bravery is not a lack of fear in the midst of danger. Bravery is being afraid, but getting the job done anyway. In our humanity, as in our introspection, we are called to be brave.” – Gordon Phillips 2018

Reaching people on a global scale with a message of hope, joy and inner-peace is a calling for Gordon Phillips. It is, however, a very difficult path through which to support a family.

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