Is “Evil” An Outdated Concept

The concept of evil seems to be as old as human consciousness. Throughout the historical record, depictions of evil can be found as often as, if not more than, depictions of good. However, as mankind (meant to include womankind as well, so relax) has evolved and our understanding of the laws of nature have changedContinue reading “Is “Evil” An Outdated Concept”

5 Ways Music Affects Our Joy

I was recently giving a self-love starter assignment for an upcoming class. The person co-teaching the class with me interjected and gave a recommendation of some music that might be helpful to the students to reach the level of emotional clarity I was requesting. That made me think, “Wow. I use music everyday in myContinue reading “5 Ways Music Affects Our Joy”

My Thoughts And Prayers…

Stand-up comedian Anthony Jeselnik has said, “My thoughts and prayers. I am so tired of hearing ‘My thoughts and prayers.’ My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Aurora today. You know how much that is worth. Fucking nothing. Less than nothing. It’s just a way of saying, ‘Don’t forget about me!’” And ifContinue reading “My Thoughts And Prayers…”

Macho And Mindful

So many men today are in the camp of “I don’t need that touchy-feely stuff. I have real things to get done” when it comes to meditation, mindfulness and their emotional health. I get it. I spent more than 30 years bunking in that same camp! But, guys, I need to talk to you. WeContinue reading “Macho And Mindful”

5 Steps To Fulfillment At Work

During this time of Covid-19, there are more people out of work than at anytime since the 1930s. And those who have been able to remain working are experiencing an enhanced percentage of burnout. These facts lead to one obvious conclusion: a large number of Americans are searching for new jobs and new careers. ManyContinue reading “5 Steps To Fulfillment At Work”

5 Steps To A Less Stressful Life

There are few conditions that we as modern humans are guaranteed to share. Unfortunately, one of those conditions is stress. Stress can take many forms and be caused by a single worry or a piling on of multiple worries. But no matter the cause or causes, stress is a load we carry only because weContinue reading “5 Steps To A Less Stressful Life”

How To Defeat Addiction With Introspection

Our brains are addiction magnets. It is the brain that harbors our thoughts and our emotions. When those thoughts and emotions are negative, we seek ways to quiet them; to remain calm; to cope with daily life and the internal struggles. We can become addicted to anything that triggers a sense of pleasure in ourContinue reading “How To Defeat Addiction With Introspection”

Dealing with anxiety and depression during the age of Covid-19

These are undoubtedly difficult times for us all. It has been a year since most Americans became aware of the Covid-19 pandemic and it seems as though the stresses and anxieties which fill our lives have steadily increased since that time. Health concerns, social distancing, financial stress, uncertainty about the future, conjecture replaced by misinformationContinue reading “Dealing with anxiety and depression during the age of Covid-19”

The Akashic Record

On a list of huge topics to cover in one blog post, how about an entirely separate plain of existence! Lets cover some basics. I urge you to come at this topic with an open, inquisitive mind. What is the Akashic Record? The Akashic Record is a plain of existence consisting of all thoughts, feelings,Continue reading “The Akashic Record”