What IS inner peace?

The quick definition of inner peace is: Becoming a devout Buddhist; being completely passive, timid and reserved no matter the circumstances; quitting using Western medicine in favor of crystal-based healing practices; learning to surf and/or fly. Umm. No it is not. Come on, I joke because I care. With all due respect to both PointContinue reading “What IS inner peace?”

Taking A Soul Vacation

Tired. Worn out. Over it. Beaten down. I have been there. Have you? Are you there right now? Have you ever felt like there is just too much going on around you to handle; like there is so much noise that you can’t think? It sounds to me like your soul needs a vacation. JustContinue reading “Taking A Soul Vacation”

Symmetrical Privilege?

When you initially meet a new person, I assume you look directly into their soul for your first impression, right? Of course not. We all, as a species, make broad assumptions based on a myriad of glaring and barely perceptible cues when we first meet a new person. Some of those assumptions may be correct,Continue reading “Symmetrical Privilege?”

Organized Religion vs. Truth

Have you ever felt like a one-eyed man at a 3D movie? Like you are living in the same life as everyone else, but you are missing part of the experience? If so, you are among friends. Today’s world can feel rather underwhelming. You have been doing what everyone expects, and yet you are notContinue reading “Organized Religion vs. Truth”